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The end of trip–Bye everyone

I appreciate every one’s focus on my blog–A Chinese View of American Food. I hope you knew more about American fast food in China and Chinese views of American food. It is my first time to build a blog and I knew that I still had some deficiencies in my blog. As the international student, I had never such experience to finish my homework like this. In the class, I learned a lot of skills to use multimedia and also had lots of chances to do my interview. I went some different place and enjoyed lots of American food. I took photos and made audio of my interview. Overall, This is the great chance to use Internet to build your own story. I would like to continue my blog but use different topic. Thanks again your follow of my blog.

These are my favorite parts of my blog:



Pizza Hut — Keeping Company with Different People

At the end of the part, I would like to introduce the development of Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut is a new symbol of American fast food.

Right now there are more than 100 countries and 4000 restaurants of Pizza Hut in the world.

Pizza Hut has more than 50 years old history, regardless of its own successful business,

it gives people different memories on their lives.

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