Let’s back to the beginning–Starbucks, as a friend of us walked into our life already. We enjoy it every day but never pay much attention to it. Somehow Starbucks became a new term of “coffee”.  Today there are some questions about Starbucks to test your familiarity of Starbucks.

Do you know when and where the first Starbucks show up in the audience?

Do you who conduct Starbucks? And how rich is owner?

How is the performance of Starbucks’ stock?

When did Starbucks come to China?

Where is the second stage of Starbucks in China?

What kind of traditional Chinese food Starbucks made?

What happened on Starbucks in Forbidden City?


If you can answer all the questions, congratulations, you are a big fun of Starbucks. Otherwise please click the below link, I will show you a long trip of Starbucks.

Time Line of Starbuckshttp://www.dipity.com/moulan1/The-history-of-Chinese-Starbucks_1/