KFC also added some of  traditional Chinese food in the restaurant. The most special food is from breakfast.

This KFC is located at No.155 Yantan Road Shannxi Xi an. You can see Chinese KFC has a better environment. Let’s start the trip of KFC now.

The KFC also had a better environment in China. Although it sold fast food, the restaurant played the gentle sangs and kept clean.

The most special food in KFC is the twisted cruller. KFC sold began to sell the traditional food in 2008. It cost 3 yuan (0.45 dollars). Compared with the past twisted cruller, it is cleaner but more expensive.

The other food I would like to introduce is the congee. It is made up with rice, vegetables and meat. It sold 5 yuan (among 1 dollar). KFC promised that the congee is fresh and nutritious.