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Knowing more about Starbucks

Let’s back to the beginning–Starbucks, as a friend of us walked into our life already. We enjoy it every day but never pay much attention to it. Somehow Starbucks became a new term of “coffee”.  Today there are some questions about Starbucks to test your familiarity of Starbucks.

Do you know when and where the first Starbucks show up in the audience?

Do you who conduct Starbucks? And how rich is owner?

How is the performance of Starbucks’ stock?

When did Starbucks come to China?

Where is the second stage of Starbucks in China?

What kind of traditional Chinese food Starbucks made?

What happened on Starbucks in Forbidden City?


If you can answer all the questions, congratulations, you are a big fun of Starbucks. Otherwise please click the below link, I will show you a long trip of Starbucks.

Time Line of Starbucks



Timeline of Starbucks

This the follow post of timeline of Starbucks. I found that the encode can not link the timeline of Starbucks, therefore I added the link of the Timeline of Starbucks.

Here is a  link of the timeline of Starbucks:

The other friend –Mcdonald’s

We moved quickly to the next stop– McDonald’s. The reason is that you can always see KFC neighbor is McDonald’s. McDonald’s is also the popular American fast food in China. The symbol of McDonald’s is the clown who wear a yellow hair. The clown is called McDonald’s Uncle by Chinese children. So who is Chinese children’s favorite friends ? The uncle McDonald  or the grandfather of KFC ? It is hard to tell, because they had different taste food to satisfy children.

Here is the specific history of McDonald’s.(from )

The business began in 1940, with a restaurant opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Their introduction of the “Speedee Service System” in 1948 established the principles of the modern fast-food restaurant. The original mascot of McDonald’s was a man with a chef’s hat on top of a hamburger shaped head whose name was “Speedee.” Speedee was eventually replaced with Ronald McDonald by 1967 when the company first filed a U.S. trademark on a clown shaped man having puffed out costume legs.

McDonald’s first filed for a U.S. trademark on the name McDonald’s on May 4, 1961, with the description “Drive-In Restaurant Services,” which continues to be renewed through the end of December 2009. In the same year, on September 13, 1961, the company filed a logo trademark on an overlapping, double arched “M” symbol. The overlapping double arched “M” symbol logo was temporarily disfavored by September 6, 1962, when a trademark was filed for a single arch, shaped over many of the early McDonald’s restaurants in the early years. The modern double arched “M” symbol that continues to be in use today at McDonald’s restaurants did not appear until November 18, 1968, when the company filed a U.S. trademark on the now famous symbol that continues to be in use through the end of the year 2009.

The first McDonald’s restaurants opened in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, France, El Salvador and Sweden, in order of openings.

The present corporation dates its founding to the opening of a franchised restaurant by Ray Kroc, in Des Plaines, Illinois, on April 15, 1955,[8] the ninth McDonald’s restaurant overall. Kroc later purchased the McDonald brothers’ equity in the company and led its worldwide expansion, and the company became listed on the public stock markets in 1965.[9] Kroc was also noted for aggressive business practices, compelling the McDonald brothers to leave the fast food industry. The McDonald brothers and Kroc feuded over control of the business, as documented in both Kroc’s autobiography and in the McDonald brothers’ autobiography. The site of the McDonald brothers’ original restaurant is now a monument.[10]

With the expansion of McDonald’s into many international markets, the company has become a symbol of globalization and the spread of the American way of life. Its prominence has also made it a frequent topic of public debates about obesitycorporate ethics and consumer responsibility.



The trip of KFC 2

KFC also added some of  traditional Chinese food in the restaurant. The most special food is from breakfast.

This KFC is located at No.155 Yantan Road Shannxi Xi an. You can see Chinese KFC has a better environment. Let’s start the trip of KFC now.

The KFC also had a better environment in China. Although it sold fast food, the restaurant played the gentle sangs and kept clean.

The most special food in KFC is the twisted cruller. KFC sold began to sell the traditional food in 2008. It cost 3 yuan (0.45 dollars). Compared with the past twisted cruller, it is cleaner but more expensive.

The other food I would like to introduce is the congee. It is made up with rice, vegetables and meat. It sold 5 yuan (among 1 dollar). KFC promised that the congee is fresh and nutritious.

The third station — KFC.

When I was little, I knew a friendly grandfather who wears a black glasses, white hair and white suit. I like him because he has a special and great food. Every one like grandfather and enjoy to eat the exotic food. Can you guess who is him? Yes, you are right, his name is Louisville, Kentucky. He is a symbol of KFC. KFC referred to as KFC, is the world’s largest Fried chicken chain restaurant. KFC came to China several years, and it became parts of sight in China. Now there are 2800 KFC in China.

Here is a specific history about KFC. It is from

KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Twister and Colonel’s Crispy Strips chicken with homestyle sides.

Every day, nearly eight million customers are served around the world. KFC’s menu includes Original Recipe chicken — made with the same great taste Colonel Harland Sanders created more than a half-century ago. Customers around the globe also enjoy more than 300 other products — from a Chunky Chicken Pot Pie in the United States to a salmon sandwich in Japan.

KFC has more than 11,000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world. And in quite a few U.S. cities, KFC is teaming up with sister restaurants, A&W, All-American Food, Long John Silver’s, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, selling products from the popular chains in one convenient location.

KFC is part of Yum! Brands, Inc., which is the world’s largest restaurant system with over 32,500 KFC, A&W All-American Food,Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and Pizza Hut restaurants in more than 100 countries and territories.

This KFC is located at No.155 Yantan Road Shannxi Xi an

Chinese Pizza Hut Vs. American Pizza Hut

Today I came to Pizza Hut and unveiled the mystery of Pizza Hut in American. The Pizza Hut lied in opposite of Shop rate. American Pizza Hut is the original taste and flavor, including the decoration, foods and drinking.

The restaurant did not  have lots of consumes though it was at lunch time. And the decoration of restaurant seems to be simple. The waitress Mrs. Jane told me that consumers prefer to take out.

The menu is more simple than it is in China. The menu only has 2 pages. The content is more simple and does not have soups and other special foods in China. I tried to find something special in the menu.

We ordered the Verger favorite Pizza as lunch.

And order the Strawberry lemonade as my drinking.

In a word, I did not find something special in American Pizza Hut.

Chinese view of Pizza Hut– Chinese American Erika Yang

Erika Yang is Chinese American and she is born in American. She is 14 years old but she is more mature than other young girls who are at same ages. When I asked her her feeling about Pizza Hut, she gave me lots of information about Pizza Hut. Because she has both American and Chinese culture background, I made an interview for her and wanted to know more about the American fast food of Chinese views.