Chinese Pizza Hut has some different from American Pizza Hut.

First, Chinese Pizza Hut supports the discount card for college students. If you bring with your student ID, you will enjoy 85% discount in Chinese Pizza Hut. However, it only open to Chinese college students excluding other countries.

Second, Chinese Pizza Hut also provides birthday party for children and teenagers. If you want a party in Pizza Hut, you have to make an appointment by phone and make a down payment. It has several subjects about the party, such as American style, African style, Japanese style and etc. They also taught you how to make masks and pizza by your own.

Here are some pictures from my friends ‘ birthday party in Pizza Hut.

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Third, Chinese pizza hut provides afternoon tea at 1:00pm to 5:00pm. During the period you can enjoy 50% discount for snacks and sweets.

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