Chinese Pizza Hut aims at different consumes, therefore it changed a lot in China.

The first changing is the conditions in here. Chinese Pizza Hut has better conditions and bigger space to do the business.Today I will introduce you some popular food in Pizza Hut. Chinese Pizza Hut has some special food, such like rice and soup.

The first dish I want to recommend is the soup which named Cheese soup. It made up of the cheese and bread. It is the one of the most popular dishes in Chinese Pizza Hut.

The second dish that I want to recommend is the Seafood fried rice. It needs shrimp, broccoli, cheese and fried rice. Unfortunately, it only sold in lunch time.

The Top 1 drinking is summer juice. It made up of orange and hamimelon. It a little bit sweet and acid.

This Pizza Hut lied in the N.33 Changan road in Xi’an, the telephone number is 8685531894.