The next part I will continue to talk about the Chinese views of Starbucks.

The first interviewee is Cathy Zee. She is the new immigration in America.

She is 50 years old and she is the nurse. She has been America 30 years.

Cathy told me that she  is into Chinese food rather than American food. She told me

that KFC and McDonald’s is still the new things for her.

She also said that she could not accept coffee. When I asked

her Starbucks, she said that she did not like it and not familiar with the coffee shop.

The second interviewee is John Wang. He came to America 3 years ago.

His parents are first generation of immigration.  He is 25 years old.

He told me that he likes new things and want to try.

He does not like coffee but he can not say no to Starbucks.

He will order some other drinkings in here, such like mocha Frappuccino and other

non-coffee drinking. He told me  that it is American culture.

Although the two people had different opinion about Starbucks,

they all agreed that Starbucks is a symbol of America.