This post will talk about Chinese views of Starbucks.

The first interviewer is Zhang, Shaoze. He is the college student who is studying in France. He told me that he did

not like to drink coffee except Starbucks. His favorite coffee is double espresso. He believed that espresso can give

him a special feeling all day. When I ask him the price about Starbucks, he told me that Starbucks is a good place for

studying and having fun, I think Zhang is a special example for Chinese people. He is young and rich generation, so

he can accept the new things easily.

The second interviewee is Chen shuo. He is laso from china and a college student but studied in China. Although he

does not have any experience to go abroad. He still like and be familiar with Starbucks. He told me that it was

expensive for him but he wants to take the better condition to drink and enjoy life. He likes starburks but he wants

to take some coupons in here then buy some coffee.

In a word, they are all young generation and from rich family, so they can accept and like the new things in China.