The Starbucks in picture lies in the prosperous downtown area. Because of the special location, the business is never dull. It is also the first Starbucks in the city. Frank told me that they would meet thousands of foreigner costumers in the cafe and he could not figure out how much foreigners come to the cafe.

On the Spet. 15th afternoon, I did a research about the foreigner costumers.

The first interviewer named Karine. She comes from France and it was her first day in China. She thinks the price of Starbucks is same with her country. She told me that the food and drinking in here is good and no difference with her country. The only special thing in here is the Chinese styles decoration.

Next interviewer is from America. Her name is  Jane and from LA. She did business in China two years. She said that she was familiar with the city and loved the different styles about the city. She told me that she would come to Starbucks ever day because the coffee can help her reduce her homeless. She thought Starbucks here had no different from the America. ” I can drink everything  what I want in here, but sometimes Starbucks in here will give me some surprise. One day I saw it sold rice dumpling wrapped in reed leaves. Then I asked the clerk what it is. He told me it is traditional Chinese food to toast the Dragon Boat Festival.” Jane gave me a deeper impression, and I could read her word has some special feeling about the Starbucks.

The third interviewer is also from America. Her name is Loraina. She is from DC. She told me that it was her fourth time come to China. She was happy that she could drink coffee in such fantastic place. She said that the price in China Starbucks is a little bit higher than America.

The last interview is form Nether land. His name is Mrt Wimhel. He told me that his country built the first Starbucks last year. And it is the first Starbucks in his hometown. He told me that he never come to Starbucks before, because they prefer to  drink Douwe Egberts.

It is my first time to do the interview and all the interviewers are all foreigners (for me). In a word, Starbucks is a special place for some people. Tomorrow I will continue my research.