On Sept.16th, I went to the Starbucks very early today. However, today people seemed busy and do not want to talk to much with the stranger.

The first interview is from the Nederland. Her name is Elizabeth. She told me that it is her first time to come Starbucks and she did not find any special here.

The second interview is from France. His name is Jacacqin. He thought the price is different than France because he calculate it’s price and found it was higher 0.36 Lyons than France. However, he did not think it is a big deal for him, the price here he still can accept.

The last interview is from British. His name is David. He seems not like Starbucks. He told me that he want to come here because it is raining outside. He did not like the coffee in Starbucks so much. Therefore, he could not tell me more about the Cafe.

Although I did not take a good interview today, I had a good drinking with my friends here in the night. I talked to them about their feeling about Starbucks. Next post I will talk about Chinese view of Starbucks.