Starbucks is the special American fast food in China. Frank who works in Starbucks told me that the costumes of Starbucks are from the middle and first class for Chinese people, for the reason the drinkings and other goods here sold not cheap. And different cities has different price to sell the goods of Starbucks. The first -tier cities sells more expensive than other cities in China. “For example, if you want to buy the green tea Frappuccino in Beijing(the capital city in China) or Shanghai it will cost you more than 1 dollars than other cities. And in the first-tier cities, it has all kinds of drinkings here, but in other cities it may not have the drinkings which you drunk in America. ” Frank also told me that the rules and regulations for employees is very strict. ” The employees must know how to speak English first and they have to get the bachelor degree or the college students at least. What’s more, if you want to work in Starbucks, you must have to work for one year at least .”