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Some Special services in Chinese Pizza Hut

Chinese Pizza Hut has some different from American Pizza Hut.

First, Chinese Pizza Hut supports the discount card for college students. If you bring with your student ID, you will enjoy 85% discount in Chinese Pizza Hut. However, it only open to Chinese college students excluding other countries.

Second, Chinese Pizza Hut also provides birthday party for children and teenagers. If you want a party in Pizza Hut, you have to make an appointment by phone and make a down payment. It has several subjects about the party, such as American style, African style, Japanese style and etc. They also taught you how to make masks and pizza by your own.

Here are some pictures from my friends ‘ birthday party in Pizza Hut.

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Third, Chinese pizza hut provides afternoon tea at 1:00pm to 5:00pm. During the period you can enjoy 50% discount for snacks and sweets.

If you want to know more about pizza hut, please click the link of :


Popular food in Pizza Hut

Chinese Pizza Hut aims at different consumes, therefore it changed a lot in China.

The first changing is the conditions in here. Chinese Pizza Hut has better conditions and bigger space to do the business.Today I will introduce you some popular food in Pizza Hut. Chinese Pizza Hut has some special food, such like rice and soup.

The first dish I want to recommend is the soup which named Cheese soup. It made up of the cheese and bread. It is the one of the most popular dishes in Chinese Pizza Hut.

The second dish that I want to recommend is the Seafood fried rice. It needs shrimp, broccoli, cheese and fried rice. Unfortunately, it only sold in lunch time.

The Top 1 drinking is summer juice. It made up of orange and hamimelon. It a little bit sweet and acid.

This Pizza Hut lied in the N.33 Changan road in Xi’an, the telephone number is 8685531894.

Second Stop:Pizza Hut

The next stop I will introduce Pizza Hut for you. Pizza Hut is also a new friend for Chinese people. Pizza is the totally exotic goods in China. Chinese had lots of interesting stories about pizza. Some Chinese think that pizza is based on the Chinese pia. Marco Polo took it back to Europe and colonists took a pia back to China and gave it new name pizzaeria. But what is pizza really from? Some people still did not know, first I will introduce the history of pizza. Dating from the Neapolitan cuisine, “the dish has become popular in many different parts of the world. A shop or restaurant that primarily makes and sells pizzas is called a “pizzeria”. The phrases “pizza parlor”, “pizza place” and “pizza shop” are used in the United States. The term pizza pie is dialectal, and pie is used for simplicity in some contexts, such as among pizzeria staff.”(wikipedia) In a word, pizza is popular in the world and “pizza shop” became a new symbol of America.

Pizza Hut came to China in 1990 and opened the their first branch in Bei Jing. Until now Pizza Hut has 200 branches in China. Pizza Hut changed it’s name and consumer group in China. Pizza Hut has a new Chinese name which means victorious consumers. The waitress Miss Yang Xiaofang told me that the restaurant aimed at the kids and fashion young consumes. After reporter, Chinese Pizza Hut is totally different from which is in America. For example, the consumes prefer to eating in the restaurant rather that taking out. And Chinese Pizza Hut is more like a restaurant and it has a better conditions. It also has more different dishes in here. In conclusion, Pizza Hut has a new face in China .

Let’s start a new trip in Pizza Hut, here are some photos from Pizza Hut.

American Starbucks Vs. Chinese Starbucks

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Here are the photos about American Starbucks. The Starbucks lied in the Glassboro Fishtoon Ave. Can you figure out  what difference between American Starbucks and Chinese Starbucks? The price is almost same and the decoration is also same.  The only thing I find is the different is that American Starbucks is a small cafe and it lied in non shopping-center.

Chinese views of Starbucks

The next part I will continue to talk about the Chinese views of Starbucks.

The first interviewee is Cathy Zee. She is the new immigration in America.

She is 50 years old and she is the nurse. She has been America 30 years.

Cathy told me that she  is into Chinese food rather than American food. She told me

that KFC and McDonald’s is still the new things for her.

She also said that she could not accept coffee. When I asked

her Starbucks, she said that she did not like it and not familiar with the coffee shop.

The second interviewee is John Wang. He came to America 3 years ago.

His parents are first generation of immigration.  He is 25 years old.

He told me that he likes new things and want to try.

He does not like coffee but he can not say no to Starbucks.

He will order some other drinkings in here, such like mocha Frappuccino and other

non-coffee drinking. He told me  that it is American culture.

Although the two people had different opinion about Starbucks,

they all agreed that Starbucks is a symbol of America.

Chinese views of Starbucks

This post will talk about Chinese views of Starbucks.

The first interviewer is Zhang, Shaoze. He is the college student who is studying in France. He told me that he did

not like to drink coffee except Starbucks. His favorite coffee is double espresso. He believed that espresso can give

him a special feeling all day. When I ask him the price about Starbucks, he told me that Starbucks is a good place for

studying and having fun, I think Zhang is a special example for Chinese people. He is young and rich generation, so

he can accept the new things easily.

The second interviewee is Chen shuo. He is laso from china and a college student but studied in China. Although he

does not have any experience to go abroad. He still like and be familiar with Starbucks. He told me that it was

expensive for him but he wants to take the better condition to drink and enjoy life. He likes starburks but he wants

to take some coupons in here then buy some coffee.

In a word, they are all young generation and from rich family, so they can accept and like the new things in China.

World view of Starbucks (2)

On Sept.16th, I went to the Starbucks very early today. However, today people seemed busy and do not want to talk to much with the stranger.

The first interview is from the Nederland. Her name is Elizabeth. She told me that it is her first time to come Starbucks and she did not find any special here.

The second interview is from France. His name is Jacacqin. He thought the price is different than France because he calculate it’s price and found it was higher 0.36 Lyons than France. However, he did not think it is a big deal for him, the price here he still can accept.

The last interview is from British. His name is David. He seems not like Starbucks. He told me that he want to come here because it is raining outside. He did not like the coffee in Starbucks so much. Therefore, he could not tell me more about the Cafe.

Although I did not take a good interview today, I had a good drinking with my friends here in the night. I talked to them about their feeling about Starbucks. Next post I will talk about Chinese view of Starbucks.